And He answered and said unto them, "I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out."

Monday, August 10, 2009

United Friends Challenge # 169

Potashtam's Challenge

An animal that you know, or your pet, learns to talk.
Describe how they learnt and a conversation you then have with them.

I got out of bed after I had a hot flash and heard my husband getting ready for work. The sun was peeking through the houses behind us and seemed to beckon me to come outside. I grabbed a hot cup of coffee, my bible and went outside to read and meditate.

I got a nice chair on the deck and revelled in the quiet until I felt something fall on my head.

It was a half bitten green tomato, from my garden. I looked up and saw a squirrel. It swished its tail back and forth and stared at me.

"A bite? Just a bite? Why couldn't you just eat the whole thing? Now no one wants it."

"It was delicious but I'm full now. I had other things to do. I have to see what else is around. Do you tomatoes? I do, especially when they're nice a crunchy. That watermelon was delicious too, but the problem is, there's so much. I can't finish it. Do you like watermelon? I do."

My mouth fell open as this squirrel talked to me.

"How--I can understand you."

"Lycopene. Do you know lycopene is very healthy for humans? It helps with blood pressure and helps with brain function. That's why you hear me. Because of lycopene."

"I didn't have any tomatoes this morning."

"No, But I did. In squirrels it helps us to talk."

"Well, since we're talking, leave my garden alone."


"Why?! You're eating all my vegetables. One bite and that's it. The whole vegetable is ruined."

"I only needed one bite and then I was full."

"It's a waste."

"Not to me. It's delicious!"

"I'm growing it for my family."

"I have a family too and you have so much."

"Can't you eat the whole thing instead of wasting it?"

"I don't need the whole thing and I'm not wasting it. I'm a squirrel, it's too much food. I take what I need and leave it. You would do well to heed this advice. This conversation is boring. Good bye!"

With that, the squirrel climbed up the tree and into its nest. I looked at my lawn and saw another large half green, half red, half eaten tomato.

"Leave my tomatoes alone," I called.

So much for peace and meditative quiet.

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