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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Let's see.

I'm cooking this year. A small turkey (18 pounds) and a small ham for my beloved. Beloved is changing the strings on his acoustic guitar--at last!

Parent/teacher conferences came and went. Youngest is the one struggling this year. I have some ideas about his learning style. He is kinetic/hands on so I'm thinking that the whole lecturing/repitition thing is boring and in his mind useless and impractical. Not an excuse though. We'll see.

My brother and sister in law are driving down from the northside this year for the first time. We always have holidays at their house because it's more than twice the size of ours and it was also convenient for their older daughters to leave and go with their friends. Older daughters are married and one is out of state; they're spending holidays with their new in-laws.

I have not been writing at all, not here or anywhere else. I'll have to start this week. Term paper is due in about a week and a half; it's not a big deal. School is going well.

For all my Multiply friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Little Engine that could

I wonder if all writers are like that. If other writers feel the need to write about not writing. It seems a little perverse.

I use writing to process my life. So many times what I write is conversational and not well done. It doesn't matter to me, but apparently since I am writing publicly it should.

I joined National Novel Writing Month with every intention of losing. I tried outlining and didn't do it. I am not against outlining as some people are, but life got in the way. I understand that this is just another excuse in a long list but I have allowed things to get into the way of my writing.

There. That's not a cop-out; that's truth.

My children are watching a movie while I am in the quiet room of the library. I will bravely face my 400 words. I will tell myself that I can do this and it doesn't have to be completed in November if I don't want to. I will talk kindly to myself because that is how I would talk to another writer.

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