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Saturday, August 15, 2009

United Friend Challenge # 170

Sumax's Challenge

There's an empty room with a smashed plate on the floor and food dripping down the wall near the door.
In a short story, tell us what might have happened ... and don't make it the obvious wife/husband or sibling argument..

First Home

Pamela Merczyk jiggled the key and opened the front door. Her two inch heels were pinching her baby toes but she gritted her teeth and smiled.

"This is a new listing. Um, three bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, dining room, unfinished basement. Attached two and a half car garage. And it's empty. Move right in." Pamela moved into the middle of the frontroom and let the young couple roam.

The young woman walked to the bay window and ran her fingers of a few of the 16 panes. The young man looked up at the ceiling and then around the baseboards. "Only two outlets. That's the problem with these older homes." He sighed and strolled into the kitchen.

Pamela winced and took a deep breath; this was the last showing of the day. Those shoes would come off in the car. She waiting for the young woman who was looking at the gentle arches by the front door and the stairs. She understood this young woman after years of experience in real estate. Those little features like the arches, the four paned double hung windows, red oak flooring, fired her prospective sale's imagination. Pamela smiled and joined the young man in the kitchen.

"The former owners put in new cabinets and Stainless Steel appliances." Pamela opened the freezer door and looked inside. "Only two years old."

"It's a short sale, isn't it?" The man's blue eyes accused her, but she was not sure why.

"Yes. Newer floors, in good condition. The place is immaculate and it's priced to sell."

From the other room, they heard, "Hon, let's look up here." The man ignored her and went upstairs. Good sized rooms, a bathroom, more oak floors that were in pristine condition. She spent a lot of time up there looking out at the large backyard and the pool. Pamela went downstairs into the kitchen and took off her shoes to wiggle her toes.

In the empty home she could hear them talk or rather argue in muffled tones. He sounded angry and Pamela heard the words "bloodsuckers" and "forget it." The wife was shushing him and whispering. The wife had fallen in love with the place. Good school district, big yard, pool and large bedrooms: all the things that she had wanted. It was not a surprise when they walked down the wooden stairs. She pushed her sore feet into those dreaded Nine Wests and leaned against the countertop.

They trudged down into the basement and stood by the stairs in shock. In the middle of the floor was a broken plate. Food, spaghetti probably, dripped down the wall to the floor. Some of the sauce has splattered on the door to the half bath that was not in the listing. The man shook his head.

"I don't feel right about this, Annie. We're buying off the misery of others. I'm sorry, Ms. Merczyk. I'm not ready to buy today. Sorry to bother you." The young man stormed up the stairs and out the side door. The wife gave her an apologetic look and ran up the stairs.

Pamela sighed, kicked off her heels and dialed the office. Someone would have to come and clean up the mess.

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