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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Scribblings # 226

#226 - I'd like to thank...
This week you are going to write your acceptance speech. Whether it is your Oscar's speech, the dedication page from your book, or some other award, make sure it is for the award that is the most important one you can think of. In that moment of accepting your prize, who are you going to thank and why? What would you like to say to the people in your life who have helped you get this far? Who do you need to acknowledge?

A Thank You Speech

Dear Jesus, my loving Heavenly Father, and sweet Holy Spirit;

I have thought many times of how to thank You for awarding me not one, not two but three children.

I remember how hard it was to try to have children and wait. I remember the agony of each month, hoping and crying when that hope was dashed. I remember my co-worker asking me every Monday morning if I was pregnant and how humiliated it made me. I remember the doctor visits, the poking and prodding in places reserved for intimacy and privacy.

And I remember seeing the little heart beat. It was nothing but a blip; he was only 2 weeks from conception but his little heart was strong.

Two more times I was able to carry a child to full term. Through all the sleepless nights, the exhaustion, the nursing, the crying and changing and wiping and demands, You brought me through it all. It was so difficult but You, God, You helped me.

But today, that's not why I am here to thank You.

You see, Lord, I thought that I had faith. And I did. I thought that I was a faithful daughter and servant. I did many things, like sing at shelters and at Spred Group. Like visit the elderly once a week. Like become a chaplain to hand out coloring sheets. I did a lot of things and You helped me grow.

But nothing prepared me for the award You were to give me.

I don't have a lovely statue or a trophy as my award. No, You have given me so much more.

Through my son's diagnosis of asperger's, you have given me compassion, patience and tolerance. You have helped me be comfortable with people and families with special needs. That was a precious gift that I didn't know I needed.

Through my children being rejected, I learned to be an encourager. There were some days I needed it so badly that I thought my heart would crack my chest open. But it was through that pain that I became even better aware of another's pain.

Through my children's music, I was able to hear with my heart and set aside imperfections.

Through my youngest's physical struggles, I am learning endurance. And strength. And courage. And perseverance. And I am learning these things not from within but from my youngest son as he faces these difficulties.

Through my marriage, I have learned that I am capable of love beyond the surface of the skin. You have taught me the humor, the sorrow and the gracious acceptance through another human and Christian. I thought that the fires of love would die and grow cold. You taught me that the embers of love can burn for a lifetime.

Therefore, most gracious Lord Jesus, my loving Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit, I thank you for my many awards that You have sought to bestow upon me.

I thought that they were trials and sorrows. They were but they were lined with gold.


Rainy said...

wow.. after reading your post.. I feel like we really are so much alike.. I to had trouble getting pregnant with our first son, and our oldest has aspergers.. keep in touch.. :) RainyC

aspiemom said...

By the way, this is a deeply personal post and it's know, trying to shove something down anyone's throat. Ok?

gs batty said...

I loved this...stand up and thank the one that brought you here. nice work..nice writing

Marsha said...

heartfelt and gleaming post, a sunrise of love....just great. thanks.

Old Egg said...

Old Egg crying? Well it certainly brought tears to my eyes to read of you gratitude for the gifts you have and the awareness you have too of the really valuable things in life.

This is really superb writing that reaches deep down.

aspiemom said...

Yes...saying this one day and spitting nails the next. Yup.

I feel this way most of the time, though.

Thank you for your kind words.

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