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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Three Word Wednesday 010610


I see toothbrush spray on the mirror and the faucet. On the right side of the sink, against the backsplash, a soap dispenser in the shape of a yellow fish accuses me with his stare. He has spray on him too.

"Don't look at me," I tell it. "My kids did it." The fish continues to stare so I wipe it off. On the left side, the toothbrush holder looks practically clean. The fish and I wonder how that can be.

I do a quick swipe of a rag and rinse it under the rushing cold water. It begins to warm but the drain holds an epic clog. I take out the drainstop but it doesn't help.

Behind our toilet, on top of the tank, I see three plastic baskets. It seemed a good idea at the time. My youngest son's basket, on the far left, is practically empty but for a toothbrush and a travel size tube of toothpaste. The middle basket, blue, has a brush, a comb and a spray bottle; my oldest son's red hair needs a little help before school. The last but not least basket is closest to the sink and crammed with 2 kinds of cleansers, an alcohol free toner, 3 scrunchies, 3 hairbands, 1 large, lilac colored brush, 1 large, orange and black leopard spotted brush, a couple of poofs and a bottle of nail polish wedged in front toward the bottom.

Suddenly, I know whose hair has clogged the drain.

My trip to the grocery store for drain cleaner has yielded 4 shopping bags filled with yogurts, SnackPacks, bread, cereal, a roll of paper towels and a package of lint traps, along with the drain cleaner. Knowing it will take time to work, I dump the bags on my kitchen floor. Dust bunnies run out of my path as I race up the stairs to dump in the cleaner. The stuff on the floor can wait because it will take some time on this.

After 15 minutes, my Draino knock-off has come to the rescue. Again.

I hear the side bell ring at 3:19pm and let the younger two in the house. They talk at the same time, but not too each other. The younger one didn't hold the door open for his sister and she was being mean to him.

The bathroom upstairs was a mess. Harrey, it's your week to clean. And when
were you going to tell me about the clog? Were you waiting for the fish soap
dispenser to jump in and swim in the standing water?

No answer, not even a nibble.

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lissa said...

realistic, that's all I can say, though I wouldn't clean the drain but let the child do it, how else is she to learn responsibility?

my 3ww is here:

ThomG said...

A great slice of life piece.

Pia Savage said...

That was lovely. I particularly liked talking to the fish as I do things like that

Tim Remp said...

I’ve been there so many times with my own kids and wife ;) This piece is very ‘real world’ and easy to relate too.

Mine is here:

Dee Martin said...

ah the wonderful world of children and bathrooms. I know it all too well :)

Anonymous said...

hi chris...hilarious!!!... i grew up in a large family can so relate...

Laura said...

I stumbled upon this blog from your other one...a parent spectrum disorder(I really like the name) :)
here's my blog,
God Bless!

aspiemom said...

I did come by when I got a link. Sorry it took so long.

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