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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Ten or back porch musings

1 Husband is still home on vacation so we are doing a lot of work around the house.

2 We are catching up from all the things we neglected last year. Last year, my husband and I were worship leaders, doing way too much and just letting things go. It was what we had to do. Now that we're not the actual leaders anymore, we have time to do things like clean up our the porch, get rid of a lot of books and clothes, and fix the roof on said porch.

We are thanking God for this time.

3 We took the Wii remotes, the Gamecube remotes, our old Gameboy and the DS. I am not going to let them rule my children's summer.

4 Ronn the aspie loves his little Ipod; it's only 1G so it holds only 100 songs or so. He loves it. He tries to hog the computer every day, rearranging songs, putting new songs in it and playing his music.

Obsessed or typical 13 year old? I think it's the latter.

5 Ronn hasn't had any playdates. He seems to be handling it ok so far. He had mentioned something about wishing he could have fun with other kids.

He and his sister are in band Monday through Thursday from 9am-12pm. That's quite a bit of socialization, I think.

And he's not being harrassed.I talked to friends who have kids his age--normal kids. They have been bullied, harassed, letters to principal, board members, talked to bullies' parents and still their child is bullied.

I cannot understand why our district does nothing about it.

6 Harrey the younger is across the street or outside all day. It does my heart good. However, he took the Nintendo DS (a handheld video game) and sat in the car with it. It was a cool day, thank God.

Needless to say, said DS was taken away until further notice.

7 It is indescribably beautiful out. At the time I am writing this, it's 63 degrees F with low humidity.

8 As soon as the porch is done, I will take pictures. It is such a pleasure to be able to use it again.

9 Another reason the mess on the porch was out of control was the garage sale. Excuses, excuses. But it's being cleaned.

10 I don't know if I've said it before, but I love having my husband home. I love him being home when I wake up. I love him being around. Maybe it's corny but I so enjoy being with him, even after 18 years of marriage.

One of my Multiply friends lost her husband recently and is actively mourning his loss. She reminds me not to take anyone for granted, especially one you love.

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Brandon said...

I just read your blog mission statement. We are kindred spirits...I love speculative fiction--and I write too.

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