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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Three Word Wednesday 040710

This week's words:

deviate identify saturate

The Colony

"It's days like this I hate this job." Jo dr'N let his tool box slam to the tunnel floor. Light from the sun pierced through the sewer grates. Family and single flight carriers glided on the electric gridgrate.

"The middle track provides the power and water has to be drained away. Oh, I'd love those engineers to come down here and clean this up. Big ideas." Bha b'luuB put on his yellow hardhat and gloves.

"This nut is corroded. Old iron from years ago. Give me that wrench, I'll try to take it off." The metal spanner flew out of Jo'N's hand and landed on the stone floor with a loud clang. "I'm not sure I can identify which socket to use."

"Identify? Well aren't we the university academic. Try this 2.2." Bha'B handed his co-worker the wrench. "How come you were late at Ah'Blinnley's last night? And where was Sal? I thought you said she was coming too?"

"My head is still pounding. We had a good time. Ugh, I can't get it to budge--wait." Jo'N winced as he pulled the handle towards him. The nut moved sightly. He paused for a moment and caught his breath. He moved the handle up and pulled it down. It loosened and moved again. Soon the clicking of the wrench became quicker.

A large harrier rode on the street above them.

"He shouldn't be driving here. It's residential zoning," said Bha'B as he looked up. "Unless they're spraying fertilizer."

"The rain will saturate the ground tonight. It can't be a tanker harrier; ground is bone dry. One more bolt. It won't take me long on this one. Get ready to grab the handles. Just a second--there." Jo'N dropped the nut and with Bha'B grabbed the handles to the round switchplate. They pulled it straight and set it on the ground. The noise echoed through the tunnel. The street above them was quiet. The only sound other than their breathing was water dripping somewhere in the dark.

Bha'B grabbed his torch and shone it into the hole. "What is that?" Inside the hole, a wet, fleshy creature clung to the sides of a drain pipe. Its tendons seemed to expand and contract. "I don't see a head." He shone the light around.

"I don't know, Jo'N. We better call the boss. Something is not right." Bha'B stepped away and looked down for his phone. A moment later his head hurt and he saw stars. He dropped to his knees.

"No. You won't. It won't hurt you. It's here to help you. See?"

Bha'B looked up to see his co-worker reach in and take hold in his bare hands.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy holding on to that thing? Oh, my head. Did you hit me?"

"Sal and I were late last night because we changed. The time has come to evolve. To deviate from the slow path of progress. You will see, Bha'B. We will join them. Together we will be more."

"No!" Bha'B cried out before Jo'N placed the tentacles of a thousand worms on his face.

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ThomG said...

creepy and good. Futuristic, too.

aspiemom said...

Thank you. From the mind of a stay at home mom.

aspiemom said...
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aspiemom said...
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Lilibeth said...

Very fine, shocking ending.

Thomma Lyn said...

EEK! This was good and creepy.

Andy Sewina said...

I love the way you named the characters, and the way the conversation built up to the squishy end.

Tumblewords: said...

Goose bumpy. Fine write!

Dee Martin said...

oooh yikes - that was awesome LOL

aspiemom said...

Thank you for your kind comments.

gautami tripathy said...

I love dark!

waves of oceans in my glass

one more believer said...

euwwwwww, creepy..... and those names, had to read a couple of times sounding out in my head... why are the sewers down below so intriguing ..... ya know we just don't like things attaching to our faces... like the first alien movie... scream!!! repairable repartee

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