And He answered and said unto them, "I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out."

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dragon Writing Prompt dated 032310

Taken from Dragon Writing Prompts dated 3/23/10 and picked randomly by my oldest son.

The People: One is a god/goddess

The Theme: Taking a stand

The Location: Fairyland

Gods in Fairyland. I suppose they eat rainbows and poop butterflies. Here it goes...


"Here's to a mutual agreement." Queen Rosemalina and Hermes touched their wine glasses. The fairy queen's wings rustled slightly but stayed in place behind her back.

"There is nothing like spring thistle wine, milady." Hermes put the rim to his lips but hesitated. He nodded towards her with a smile.

The queen returned his smile and took a sip from her glass. Hermes took a small sip and the two continued to lock eyes.

"I suppose your little villeins are waking from the winter to gaily begin spring. They touch the trees and they bud. They wave their little sticks--no, wands you call them--and flowers open. They work so hard for you, your Majesty."

"And dear Persephone is released from the underworld to embrace her mother Ceres. I've heard stories, Hermes. That she wasn't tricked into eating those seeds, that she chose to eat them, out of her great, what do you call it, love for Hades and that she was told that they were an aphrodisiac."

"That's a lie." The beautiful young woman with long blonde hair turned to face them.

"I am Queen Rosemalina and I will be addressed as such." The queen spun around to face her accuser.

"I was tricked by my husband. I have grown to love him now but it was not so at first. You are so small. You think your little courtiers begin spring. You are too small to realize that there are forces far bigger than you. Even the gods realize that there are forces greater and older than themselves."

"You may be queen in the underworld but you stand in my kingdom. Had I stood before your king Zeus, I would regard him with respect." The sounds of spring were silenced. Only a nearby brook gurgled, splashed and tried to ignore the tension. Persephone bowed deeply and vanished.

"My lord Zeus does send his kindest regards and hopes to see you and your court attend his spring feast. It will not be the same if you do not attend." Hermes choked back a laugh.

"You may tell Zeus that we value his friendship and will have as lovely a presentation for him as he has ever seen." Queen Rosemalina scowled and was soon surrounded by hundreds of flutters.

"The spring feast awaits. We look forward as always." Hermes drained his wine glass, bowed and vanished in a whisper of a breeze.


aspiemom said...

Absolute drivel! bleyech...Oh well, it was a writing exercise...

I apologize for this dreck.

aspiemom said...
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